Black out by Robison Wells

What would you do if one day you woke up and could turn invisible or had super strength? Would you tell someone? In this book it takes place in a future America (it mentions lots of famous landmarks) Where America is under attack by a invisible and seeming harmless threat teenagers with a mutated virus that grants them special abilities like hyper seances, mind control, and the ability to make people like you to name a few. This book focus around four affected teens that through the military’s testing have be captured. Jack and Aubrey are just two friends from a small town. Alec and Laura are the complete opposite they are terrorists the people treating America. When the affected teens are offered a spot to join a special new army force all four take it. With traitors lurking near by chaos is close behind the unlikely four adventure just around the corner. This book has a new sequel dead zone. Love these book diffidently something new.

Legend by Marie Lu

Imagine two character complete opposite a world class military prodigy and a notorious criminal. The military star a young girl named June who got a perfect score on her trail. A trail is a test that determines your future the higher your score June is the only person who has ever gotten a perfect score. and a boy Day who is just trying to keep his family alive even though only his brother knows he is actually alive. Both of the main characters care strongly about their families. Day has two brothers and his mother he is thought to be dead the only person in his family who knows he is alive is his older brother. June’s parents died together in a car accident she does have a older brother Metias who is also a high ranking solider. That is not the only difference Day is poor and June live in a fancy rich sector. When Day breaks into a hospital to steal cures to keep his brother Eden safe. Metias goes to try and stop him Day escapes but Metias is killed with a hunger for vengeance June know she must kill Day. This unlikely pair end up in such a mess I feel in love with this book and the characters. Great Read!

Crewel by Gennifer Albin

In the crewel weaving is the center of the world. The crewel is a futuristic society the was weaved on top of earth. The main character is Adelice Lewys a sixteen year old with a special talent she can weave a special way. Her parents have kept her talent a secret for years but when she is caught wearing time she is wished away to the city not knowing if her family is alive when she sees her sister has been brainwashed she know she must rebel. This book is amazing a short series of three books. A MUST READ.

Maximum ride by James Patterson

I am in love with the maximum ride their are eight books in the series i highly recommend reading the books in order. The main character is Maximum ride she has something special wings max and her “family” all have wings. They are results of experiments at the school. The mismatch family is made up of Max the leader Iggy a blind cook Fang a strong rebel Nudge a eleven year old motor mouth and Gazzy who and make a bomb out of anything and his sister Angle a mind reading six year old. The flock is constantly being attacked by erasers wolf human hybrids, the white coats who work at the school are constantly hunting the flock. This book has a ton of action suspense and a dash of romance I am in love with the series. I recommend theses book to anyone and everyone.

The Neptune Project by Polly Holyoke

The Neptune project takes place in the future when the world is polluted and it’s only getting worse. A secret organization has come up with a solution, the Neptune Project. By altering the genes of unborn offspring the will design a race of humans that can live and breathe in water. Nere Hanson is the main character. Nere’s mother is part of the Neptune project; she altered Nere’s genes. One day when the whole coast is brought together and told they are going to be relocated to inland, Nere and the others must go to the water. Nere’s friends and dolphins battle marine guards, mutant kids, and a giant squid. This is a good book for anyone.

Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky

Awaken takes place in the future. In the future everything is done on a computer or other device. People are suggested to stay home alone not to interact. The book is about Maddie, Maddie’s dad run DS aka digital schools. Like many people Maddie does not like DS. One day when Maddie meets a friend from her study group in person he tells her people are supposed to be together in person not just on a screen. When Maddie gets in trouble she must escape this launches her into a extraordinary adventure, involving rebellion, escapes, and learning what pancakes are. This book is so cool.

The Compound by S. A. Bodeen

Eli’s family has been in the compound for 9 years. The compound is an underground shelter to help them survive a nuclear attack for fifteen years. Every day is the same wake up, get dressed, run 6 miles on the treadmill, and take care of the animals and garden. Eli was a twin and his twin was left behind, when Eli finds his twin’s computer and internet is on! There is no internet; dad said so so why is there. When things start unfolding Eli knows they have to get out. This book was awesome, a must read. Fallout is next book in series.

The Selection Series

The selection by Kier Cass is about America. In this country when the prince of age there is a selection. All the girls enter and are narrowed down to the top 35. After that one by one the girls are cut. America starts to love Maxwell, but America has a secret relationship with a guard from her hometown. America is headstrong she does outrageous things, this angers the king who disapproves of her but Prince Maxton fights for her. This book is one of the best of all time. First book is the Selection, the Elite, and last of all the One.

Michael Vey series

The Michael Vey books are amazing! The books are about Michael Vey. Michael is different from everyone else ; he is electric. Michael can shoot lightning bolts and absorb electricity. One day he shocks some people who are trying to beat him up and a girl named Taylor .Taylor invites Michael over later and tells him she is electric to. Then at Michael’s birthday dinner he is almost shot and his mom is kidnapped. Michael learns that Elgen the agency that accidentally created all the electric children has kidnapped his mother for ransom. He comes she goes home. This sends him on a journey to get his mother back along the way he makes many unlikely friends. This series is AMAZING

The Limit by Kristen Landon

The Limit is about Matt a 13 year old boy living in the future America. In the future all families have a limit of money they can spend if they go over they must send their oldest child to work in a factory to pay of the debt. When Matts grandma hurts her ankle Matts mother goes to buy crutches this sends them over their limit. In panic Matt’s mother calls his father and tells him their is a computer glitch. Before Matt’s father can get home a long black limo pulls up and swiftly takes Matt away. Once at the government building he takes a test to discover he is a top floor this means he is very smart and gets to live on the top floor. Once their he meets friends and gets his projects that can be things like setting up websites for companies this gives them money. Later finds out the governments secret they are taking a huge amount of their earnings away and doing many other illegal things to the kids. Can Matt and his new friends save themselves and all the others or will they parish?