Life as we knew it

Life as we knew by Susan Beth Pfeffer is about Miranda. The moon has been hit by a meteor and knocked closer to earth. It has knocked everything out of balance volcanos are erupting, tide are crazy, and their are such high people are fighting over cans of food. Miranda and her family gather all the food and supplies they can. Once the family loses power chaos breaks out. When electricity dose work the family works dose laundry and checks the dead list. Everything in Miranda’s world has turned upside down, having only 1 or 2 meals a day, the whole family moving into one room, and having to use the fireplace for heat and cooking. The only thing she enjoys is seeing her crush at the old pound to skate.Then disease starts to spread to everyone including Miranda’s whole family except Miranda she goes to find her family’s friend a doctor named Peter, but when she bikes to the hospital she learns he is dead! Once surplice start to run low Miranda goes and looks in abandon houses. Will Miranda survive or die off with the rest of the world. Check out the trailer


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