Revived by Cat Patrick is about Daisy Applebee. She has died 5 times.  What I mean by that is her heart stopped pumping, she wasn’t breathing, and her brain shutdown. Daisy died when she was 4 in a bus crash along with 21 other kids. The government took advantage of this to test a drug, a drug that brings people back to life called Revived. Daisy lives with 2 agents who she pretends are her parents. Every time she dies cleanup agents come and make it look as though she stayed dead, she also has to move and get a new last name. When the book starts she had just died for the 5th time from a bee sting since she is deathly allergic to bee stings. Then she becomes Daisy West and moves again. Then she meets Aubrey and Matt McKean who she befriends. When she learns that Aubrey has a untreatable type of cancer she is sad knowing her new friend will probably die. She learns there is a case 22, but how can there be? There were only 21 kids in the crash. She is determined to find out who the patient is. With help of fellow bus kid Megan she learns it is Nora a kid in her town. When she asks Nora about it she learns nora has no idea she died she just thinks they just moved. Then Aubrey dies Matt begs Daisy for revived she gives it to him but explains it won’t work since Aubrey is sick even if it did work she would still have cancer. After Aubrey dies Matt and Daisy become boyfriend and girlfriend. Then Daisy learns one of the agents is after her. I loved this book I couldn’t put it down. Check out the trailer


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