Maze Runner

 Maze runner by James Dashner is a book about a boy named Thomas. when the book starts he has just woken up in a elevator like box in the middle of a giant maze. Thomas is in Glade, it is a little city with only boys surrounded by a giant maze. He has no memory of his previous life nor do any of the other boys. The boys all have jobs some are cooks or medics, but others are maze runners. Maze runners run through the maze trying to find their way out, their are 2 problems 1. the maze changes every night 2. grievers are giant robotic slugs they come out at night and will devour runners. Ever since Thomas has arrived strange things are happening. Then the strangest thing of all a girl arrives the first girl. Then supplies stop coming and grievers are killing one person a night. Will they escape will they survive?  Check the trailer


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