The Limit by Kristen Landon

The Limit is about Matt a 13 year old boy living in the future America. In the future all families have a limit of money they can spend if they go over they must send their oldest child to work in a factory to pay of the debt. When Matts grandma hurts her ankle Matts mother goes to buy crutches this sends them over their limit. In panic Matt’s mother calls his father and tells him their is a computer glitch. Before Matt’s father can get home a long black limo pulls up and swiftly takes Matt away. Once at the government building he takes a test to discover he is a top floor this means he is very smart and gets to live on the top floor. Once their he meets friends and gets his projects that can be things like setting up websites for companies this gives them money. Later finds out the governments secret they are taking a huge amount of their earnings away and doing many other illegal things to the kids. Can Matt and his new friends save themselves and all the others or will they parish?


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