Black out by Robison Wells

What would you do if one day you woke up and could turn invisible or had super strength? Would you tell someone? In this book it takes place in a future America (it mentions lots of famous landmarks) Where America is under attack by a invisible and seeming harmless threat teenagers with a mutated virus that grants them special abilities like hyper seances, mind control, and the ability to make people like you to name a few. This book focus around four affected teens that through the military’s testing have be captured. Jack and Aubrey are just two friends from a small town. Alec and Laura are the complete opposite they are terrorists the people treating America. When the affected teens are offered a spot to join a special new army force all four take it. With traitors lurking near by chaos is close behind the unlikely four adventure just around the corner. This book has a new sequel dead zone. Love these book diffidently something new.


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