Legend by Marie Lu

Imagine two character complete opposite a world class military prodigy and a notorious criminal. The military star a young girl named June who got a perfect score on her trail. A trail is a test that determines your future the higher your score June is the only person who has ever gotten a perfect score. and a boy Day who is just trying to keep his family alive even though only his brother knows he is actually alive. Both of the main characters care strongly about their families. Day has two brothers and his mother he is thought to be dead the only person in his family who knows he is alive is his older brother. June’s parents died together in a car accident she does have a older brother Metias who is also a high ranking solider. That is not the only difference Day is poor and June live in a fancy rich sector. When Day breaks into a hospital to steal cures to keep his brother Eden safe. Metias goes to try and stop him Day escapes but Metias is killed with a hunger for vengeance June know she must kill Day. This unlikely pair end up in such a mess I feel in love with this book and the characters. Great Read!


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